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1997 Saturn SC2 (4 Reviews)
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Got a 97 saturn sc2, went to start nothing, no sound when key was turned. Had no interior lights, no power windows, no power door locks, and no door chimes. Had lights on dash and radio, still nothing. Went to passenger side fuse panel, popped it off and looked on back of panel, took out the one that is a 10 amp fuse marked body and replaced the new fuse and lord and behold it cranked! Hope this will work for some of yall that are having the same problem. .89 cent 10 amp fuse, and my car started! Was so glad I hadn't replaced everything under the hood before we found this one small thing.
I have a 97 Saturn SC2.. I bought it 6 years ago with 123K on it. I have had to do regular maintence to it.. Replace the starter ..water pump 2x..and the uses oil, so I have to check it regularly..maybe a quart every 400 to 500 miles. So I am careful and make sure its changed. Overall this car has been awesome! its cheap to fix. it now has 220K on it and is still running strong. The shifter cable bushing just came out..but apparently there is a cheap and easy fix!
I love my Saturn. wish they didnt stop making them. D.
Oops forgot to mention in the last post.
I had to replace all of the motor mounts on the '97 Saturn SC2 too.

I've bought my SC2 new almost 14 years ago and it's still going stone and new-looking at over 100,000 miles. Very few repairs--alternator & valve gasket cover (2x). The suspension is super tight & brakes are very responsive. Hard starts, though, require setting the key to Run before turning the ignition.