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2003 Saturn LW300 (1 Review)
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I bought this car used with 26,260 miles on it in April 2005. I negotiated a Platium Ryan Warranty of 6 years/80,000 miles as part of the sales agreement for $13,000. Last month the Ryan warranty expired when the odometer hit 106,260; however, during the last five years the warranty paid for 3 pairs of rear taillight units (a 4th was per GM recall); a $990 transmission problem, a water pump and EVAP purge canister.
I am not excited I had to pay $400 for a timing belt & $300 for spark plugs after 100,000 miles, but I knew that was the case when I bought this car. So far, I have found this car to be very reliable (except for a few battery problems and flat tires.)
I am not a professional mechanic; but I am a professional analyst.. perhaps the ONLY non-mechanic to carry an ODB-II scanner in my car so I know why the MIL is on and if the car is safe to drive.