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2001 Saturn LW300 (1 Review)
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I visited the Saturn plant in Tennessee and was impressed with the product but it was on the L-200 series. I made the mistake to assume that the LW300 which came later was manufactured in the same place. I bought it with 6,000 miles from the dealer. From the get go I have had nothing but problems with the vehicle. The only time that it got a recall was for a so call Popeye seal in the engine cooling system. Then the rear electric window didn't function followed with a noise on the front wheels that after two visits finally the dealer solved the problem by replacing the wheels. After the warranty was over (55,000mi.) I started to have engine sensor problems followed with engine stalling and no one not even the dealer doing diagnose could solve it. Then a friend suggested that I make sure I replace another MAS, not a rebuilt one but a new one. Then make sure the intake hoses were not cracked and that the clamps be tight. Then do a leak check to the hoses. Well that solved the problem after spending close to $600. on MAS (two times), three 02 sensors, replacement of spark plugs and coils. I now have problems with the A/C & heater electric system. And just recently brake problems. All this in spite of doing regular maintenance checks and services. Next to a K-car I once had this Saturn is junk.