2004 Saturn L300 Reviews and Owner Comments

2004 Saturn L300 owners review and rate their 2004 Saturn L300.

2004 Saturn L300 (3 Reviews)
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I purchased this car used and have owned it for 4 years now, and the only problem I've had is a broken fuel pump; which was caused by me hitting a very deep pothole. The transmission shifts smoother than any car I've ever driven, including a Mercedes-Benz. Problems that catch my attention are the general cheapness of some of the plastic panels, like the grill. The dashboard lights can also suddenly dim due to a poorly designed dimmer switch. But the pros far outweigh the cons as the fit and function of the vehicle are top notch and very forgiving for lack of maintenance. Gas mileage can sometimes be even higher than the advertised 35mpg, despite the fact that the engine has excellent speed and acceleration for an economy-oriented 4-cylinder. My record is 456 miles on a single tank of gas. Features, when compared with other cars in the same price range, are generally one or even two tiers higher than the competition. It's sad that this car was not proper;y advertised and undervalued, because i feel it was a steal for the price payed for it.
i bought a 2004 saturn L-300 about a year ago and it is a great car i have not had to do anything to it except get in and drive it except for changing the oil when it comes time to. rides great and i live on a rough gravel it gets excellent gas millage perfect for goin on long trips so all and all i think it is a great car
I just bought my 04 saturn. I love it I'm the second owner of the car and i must say the person before me took OK care of the car I havent had to replace anything yet but my AC doesnt blow out cold air. It may just need to be recharged the mechanic I had look at it said that he thought that was all that needed to be done Im not sure if I need to replace anything but other than that the car is great from what i can tell. It rides quiet. I dont feel all the bumps of the road the way i did in my jeep. All in all it seems like a good car.