2002 Saturn L100 Reviews and Owner Comments

2002 Saturn L100 owners review and rate their 2002 Saturn L100.

2002 Saturn L100 (5 Reviews)
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I hav ehad the car a year and something breaks every two months or so. it only has 184000 k on it. needed new muffler witch is crazy expencive to replace because it is not a standerd part $600. had to replace the entire fule line and pump because its a modular unit $700 the heating core is gone now $400 and the ac is bust, there are only 2 working speakers and the moters in the auto windows are enjoying a slow death as well. i like saturns but this car is a lemmon from hell and is costing me a alot of stress let alone the money.
I purhased my car in 2006 and it has done amazingly well for a 2002. All up into now!! I get scheduled oil changes and other maintenance, but the timing has jumped and the engine is not working. I made it to 112,694 miles...bummer!!!!
purchased used at 9000 miles....other than normal maintainance common to all vehicles this saturn L100 has been amazingly reliable to this 244000 miles aprox 1 qt oil between 3000 mile changes....slight drop in acceleration but still a wonderful little car.....i'd do it all over again........
I'm at 144000, have had it for 4 years and am getting rid of it. ABS and traction control come on even in mild weatherer, headlights are dim or not aligned right. Engine light comes on often. When there is no risk of ABS coming on it drives very nicely and powerfully and has a huge trunk. Rain sometimes drips from trunk hood into the trunk when open instead of into the drip area. We have had a ton of tiny annoying things wrong with this car, even when it was just four years old. Nothing too major, but a lot of little things.
My car is running well now. It has 122726 miles or so and going strong.