2001 Saturn L100 Reviews and Owner Comments

2001 Saturn L100 owners review and rate their 2001 Saturn L100.

2001 Saturn L100 (1 Review)
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I have owned this car for 10 years, having bought it in 2003 with 18,000 miles on it. It now has 134,00 miles and is still running great. It is reliable and still looks like a much newer car. In the beginning, I had trouble with the battery and had to replace them every two years but that has not been a problem for some years. Even now, 90% of the parts on the car are the original. The two problem areas I continue to have trouble with are the rear brake lights (the original sockets were recalled and were replaced)as they blow about 3-4 times a year and the stick shift yoke which is made of plastic and has broken three times. The problem now is finding parts for the car and my mechanic has had to go out of state sometimes to find them. I am sorry the make went out of business as I would have definitely have bought another and I see them frequently on the road. For now, I wouldn't be surprised if my car makes it to 200,000 easily. I'm not giving up this one. Besides, it's paid for.