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2007 Saturn Ion (3 Reviews)
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My check engine light has been coming on in my 2007 Saturn Ion since we bought it in 2007. I can't begin to count the times it's been in the shop. They have put four gas pedals in and rewired it and it's still doing it. When Onstar pulls the code, it says it's the throttle. They don't know what else to do with it and of coarse my warranty is up. GM has been notified and has offered NO HELP! The lemon law firm was going to take my case and GM scared them off. This is ridiculous! There should be better laws protecting buyers! I will NEVER own another GM again! This is a dangerous problem and GM is going to be sorry if this problems results in an accident. When the engine lights come on it goes to reduced power mode and you lose half the power and can't accelerate. Saturn had my car last summer more than I did. I can't wait to pay this off and buy something other than a GM. If this is how GM treats their customers than no thanks!!!
OK I have had my Saturn Ion for 4 years its a 2007. I have had issues with the engine like crazy for 2 years now I have had the thing in and out of the shop. The check engine light comes on and stays on for weeks then will go off for weeks. At first thought it was the gas cap(cause GM doesnt make good gas caps) Well that was not it. Had the complete engine checked over and they fixed the cylinders and wires and coils. Now a year later it is in the shop again for misfiring and its the coil (we hope) The exhaust is horrible stinks to high heaven. The transmission kicks so hard you think you were hit or that u hit something. I dont think I will ever own another GM product. If you only care about the foo foo stuff then its body holds up well(its plastic and bounces back) Its interior is great lots of room and easy to haul most things. The radios suck. Trunk is nice size will carry alot. seat fold down very nice feature. The road noise is loud so it is pretty loud most times and if you have seats folded down it is horrible. If you go for a Saturn good luck to ya. I am paying this thing off asap and trading it in.
So far, we have had a great experience with our Ion. The interior was made with cheaper materials and quality. Our radio display has "spazed out" with the lights acting like strobe lights. Fuel mileage has been 28-29 at best, but we live in a warmer climate so that has a factor. Its a fun and safe car that we overall enjoy having.