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2004 Saturn Ion owners review and rate their 2004 Saturn Ion.

2004 Saturn Ion (4 Reviews)
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Ive had my Saturn for about 5yrs now & all is well. However when my clutch went out a couple of weeks ago the dealership quoted me a price of $2100.00!!! (I know right) But i must say that this is the only time my vehicle has been in the shop so i guess i cant complain too much....right?? I wonder if this because the car is 6yrs old or if transmission problems is just another you have 2 deal with when purchasing a manual.
I bought a 2004 Saturn in 07. It had 48,000 miles on it and seemed to run fine.. until it got cold...or cool anyway. If the wind was blowing and it was a little cold, it would take about 20 tries for my car to start in the morning. What's really odd is, I had about 6 inches of snow on my car and it started right up! I have taken it to 2 different mechanics and they can't figure it out. Also, the turn signal keeps burning out and now that I kept replacing the bulb, the contacts that touch the bulb itself has burned in half. My inspection is due and now that Saturn is going under, I have to search for a mechanic that even works on Saturns and wait for the part to come in. Am really sick of this car. I had a Ford Probe for over 10 years and it NEVER gave me problems. I have this one not even 3 years and I'm already ready to get rid of it. Saturns are pieces of crap and I will NEVER buy one again nor will I recommend anyone else buy one.
OK-If you have not ran into the problem with your car dash lights all working and everything seems fine,but it will not start or even sound like it will start,then you will,it's winter and that is when GM'S ignition screwup starts acting up. Google saturn white wire and saturn stabiliser bars/sway bars. Fix this stuff now and you won't regret it. I on the other hand,did not fix the white wire problem last winter and guess what IT'S BACKKKKKKK! I fixed it 2 days ago after my wife called and told me it was doing it again just like last winter. Change out the stabiliser bars/sway bars because they have cheap junk bushings on the ends that wear out in no time and makes your front end sound like it's falling apart.
My wife drives the car and loves it.Every so often I take it on the turnpike to blow it out. It runs fine and gets very good gas mileage for that four cylinder engine.