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2000 Saab 9-5 (3 Reviews)
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Let me start by saying that just before I picked up this car, many of my concerned friends warned me to stay away from such a potential "problem." I heard all about someone they knew who owned one that (fill in the problem/s here)and cost them (fill in amount here) Thank GOD I didn't listen to them! This car has been nothing short of a fun, solid and most importantly,a reliable car for me!

The engine is like nothing I've ever experienced before in a four cylinder and that's definitely because of the turbo. This car has more than enough "get up and go" to appeal to those with the highest of expectations. I'm a 37 year old male with 3 children, so racing is the furthest thing from my mind now. But with that said, it's extremely rare where I will find myself next to a car with more torque. Anything short of the high end BMW's (that cost 8 to 10 times what my car did) have absolutely nothing on this car!

The sound of the engine and turbo during acceleration is something that makes driving something that I actually look forward to. The car is a bit on the heavy side, but still handles well for it's size. It's roomy, comfortable, classy and there is definitely something to be said for the cabin design. The Swedes were definitely onto something when they built these things, which begs my questions as to why they stopped.

Here are my negatives.... With Saab no longer being in production, finding parts can be a bit troublesome and even expensive. I had to replace my shifter cable, but thankfully I found an aftermarket piece on e bay that was compatible. It ended up saving me a lot of money. (I believe the shift cable would have cost me around $300 not installed) I later came to find out that this was common with this type of car. The people on Saab forums are more than helpful with most common issues. You just have to be willing to put the time into it.

In the end I will say that these engines, as long as you update the oil pickup system ($90 conversion to prevent sludge) are as solid as any you will find. I've seen some with 260k miles on them that still run like a clock! It's like anything else... If you've never owned one yourself then definitely DON'T knock it! It's the closest thing to a BMW or Mercedes that you'll ever own for FAR less than $10k

I now have a hobby of looking at and purchasing them whenever I see a gem for a good price. Of course there are always bad ones in any bunch. You just have to be careful of which ones you buy. Here's a hint... If it ticks, smokes or has a bunch of leaks... Leave it alone. But that's any car, not just Saab. I just have to sit back and laugh whenever someone comments or says something stupid about my car. "So, you drive a Saab.. I hear those things are nothing but problems?" "Sure they are!" Then I throw them the keys! I love these things! As long as you're up to changing the oil and maintaining them when they're due. It's my belief that you can't really buy a more solid machine.
All in all a great car! The car seems to "consume" light bulbs, however. Replacing a few of the same ones every 18-24 months. There were a few "engine recall" or modifications for ignition (DIC) and the oil sump (rerouting some oil lines) that need to be accomplished for oil sludge issues.
Sweet ride but LOTS of electrical problems--ignition coiled burned up and dashboard went bad. It also takes a long time to heat up (but the heated seats are "cool.")