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2004 Porsche Boxster (2 Reviews)
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I've had the 2004 Boxster S for over a year, love it, can't say enough good things about it. I've had no problems what so ever with it.
it is important to note that i owned 3 Toyota MR2s, the last one being my decade long partnership with a lovely 1995 turbo, which now lives in Austin. The MR2 being nearly flawless (and vastly cheaper) here goes: The Porsche is a gorgeous car with a beautiful & powerful engine. I love flipping a lever,pushing a button and having the top go down. Leather trimmed out map holder behind the seats intead of pleather is also a nice touch. The Bose system is quite nice, with a CD and good subwoofer. I have the 2004 special edition and the dark chocolate leather, with the GT Silver trim out to match the cars ext body is very easy on the eyes. Cornering is beautiful, engine sound is beautiful, car appears to be very robust and solid. My pet peeves? I stand amazed at the lack of room, even for a handbag of any size. My car is not much larger than a handbag. There is no tape deck, just a CD player, the driver door creaks when it is cold outside, rare in Dallas, but it is cold right now, so today I heard it creak as I opened and shut the door. The interior periodically rattles such as when I drive on a bumpy surface. And I apparently have a leak in my windshield washer reservoir. I refuse to fix this leak because, frankly, it should NOT freaking be leaking!!!! Even the Triumph GT6 I owned,gorgeous Brittish junk,did not have that problem. SO I keep filling up the reservoir with new pricy Porsche wash fluid and every week, whether I use the fluid or no, I need a new refil. Hell will freeze over before I fix it and pay to fix it...Porsche should pay for this. is NOT a Toyota MR2, it is much much faster than the MR2, corners just as well, although it does communicate the cornering and the road similarly but in its' own Porsche way to you, which is quite nice. I love the car and have made my peace with owning it and giving up my MR2...however, for 50k used, I think the bloody thing should not rattle one iota or leak anything, even something as benign as washer fluid. I've owned it 4 years, bought it with 15k mi on it and now it's got 38k miles; it is my only car. I had 50k, 101k and 92k miles on 3 MR2s, had all of them for sev years, none of which rattled and all looked and acted brand new when sold to someone else. For twice the cash, I am loving the cup holder, the seat warmer, a full top down feel and big engine. 127 mph in 5th gear the car was not at all straining, was not at redline and I still had another gear to shift into. I swear the car yawned at me. The turbo MR2 at 110 was smooth as silk, but 130 was about top end for it. Oh, and why can I NOT view this engine? The Porsche is lovely,reliable, comfortable considering the smallness and the accidental touching my hand to the passengers knees (because it is just that small). Germans are not as good with their ergonomics as the Japanese. I think Porsche thinks about the "driving experience" and just focuses in on DRIVING. But to my mind, the driving experience also includes refinements such as a tad more room, and no rattles(even though my rattles are quite small and infrequent)Lastly, an engine such as this, should be on display or at least under a hood that can easily be raised to view it.