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2002 Porsche Boxster (2 Reviews)
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2002 Boxster. I bought my boxster S with 18K miles on it a yr ago and have driven 9k. The car looks great and i get a lot of compliments when I drive it. Unfortunately, I've had to replace the ignition switch, oil seperator, headlight(normal maintenance), stereo and i'm on my way to the to the mechanic to discuss pulling the engine to address a low oil pressure problem..........very disappointing.
I do not recommend buying a porsche unless you have money to burn.
Have had my 2002 Porsche Boxster for just over a month (2,000 miles now--about 50/50 highway to local roads) and I will now ALWAYS own some Porsche. Am already looking for another one...another variety of Porsche. :-) No problems. Dealer treats people differently than a Chevy or Ford dealer. Much higher level of respect. This Boxster (and I'd imagine all of them) handles amazingly well. The speed is frightening. It is tiptronic so I don't have a clutch, but it is flawless. Smooth shifts. Can always use that tiptronic to downshift as needed, but it does that automatically too. I've had it go 105 and it didn't mind that at all. I have noticed that if it doesn't get out now and then and go 75-80 it seems to hesitate a little at lower speeds. Must be some of that horse(power) getting bored. lol Buy one of these Porsche vehicles and you'll find reasons to take drives. I know that I have... In fact, it's time.