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1999 Porsche Boxster (2 Reviews)
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i have had about 25 different cars in my time, from jag's, to audi's, to benz, many American cars as well. this porsche is BY FAR the most fun to drive. it drives like nothing else. it can take turns like no other car i have ever driven. i have had very few mechanical issues. mileage is good at 25 on road, 21 in city. there are many great ones for sale & for around $10- $12,000 you can get a low mileage one in great shape, and for that money, it is a lot of car. be sure to service it as required. may be a little more to ride in, but to me it is worth every penny. the car never looks old. lines are classic porsche & timeless. car looks like it is going 100 miles per hour when it is standing still. i repeat it is a lot of car / fun for the money. go get one. you will see.
I just have problems after I wash the car I keep getting a misfire on the @2 piston. I love this car and can't explain what a ball it is to drive.