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1998 Porsche Boxster (2 Reviews)
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I love my boxster and have made into a project, to get my 98' in perfect running order. First I bought it with 89k. Now 9 months later it has 99k. First I had a 90k inspection done. A small linkage on the front was replaced and a tube leak around the spark plugs. I had had several noises come from the starter, so I had it replaced. Next i made a mechanical insurance policy by having the IMS bearing replaced along with the rear main seal (known problems that can kill any porsche 1997-2008). While having the Trans out to do this repair I had the clutch replaced with only a parts bill since the clutch had to come out anywhey. They made note of cracking coils after this latest repair. 2300 miles later the car ran rough and I had it towed to the shop. And of course the coils went bad. Now the car runs better than ever and I am real happy. I now feel safe to drive this car anywhere. You could have a muscle car and never have any of these problems, but it would just be a car and not very good on windy roads, just good from a red light. On the road I get 25-30 mpg.
Once you drive it, you don't want to change it. Take this advice from someone who have changed around 30 cars so far. You will love Porsche for ever. I have a Boxster 10/1998 and I feel very happy about it. It never let me down so far.