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2000 Porsche 911 (2 Reviews)
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Fantastic automobile, expensive buy in, but the maintenance isn't bad, and the car lasts forever. My 996 C4 can handle everything from a 177 MPH track test, to 10 inches of snow, plus its very comfortable for long trips, throw so luggage in the front trunk, and your laptop and snacks in the back seat and your ready to roll. Everyone should drive one at least once in their life, rent one when you go on vacation, it'll be worth every dollar.
A very good car for the track as well as the road. Base model torque to weight ratio is awesome and turbo is usually too much car for most people to handle. The engine is normally aspirated and water cooled. The power assist steering can require a bit getting used to if one is used to more road feedback at lower speeds. Road noise may be dampened substantially with Bridgestones or softer make vs. Michelin's (typically wear out at 10k miles and cost ~ $1000 to replace for all four). Typical issues are oil leaks from rear main seals (connecting point between tranny & engine) to me, its classified more as a nuisance than a must fix (so long as leaks are minor as in most cases). Other than that, keep the engine fully oiled with Synthetic and change out 8k miles & change the gearbox oil every 30k (under normal driving conditions). If buying used, go to a show-room and compare used models there before buying from private seller as most dealerships offer some warranties on mileage.