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2003 Pontiac Vibe owners review and rate their 2003 Pontiac Vibe.

2003 Pontiac Vibe (4 Reviews)
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I purchased my wife's 03 Vibe when they first came out,
after the 3yr-36k warranty (6yrs short trips 43K) the o2 sensor went out replaced & the o2 sensor behind CAT is still bad. Through the yrs at least a dozen driver side headlight bulbs, about every 3 months. Noticed engine knocking slightly checked oil level & there wasn't a drop (Missed one oil change at 3k). Added oil to no help. I replaced the main bearings and it solved the engine bearing noise. For tickles & Grins while the engine was running I unplugged the oil sensor light/sensor, then grounded it & NO OIL LIGHT CAME ON. Just for the sake of arguing the light comes on when the ignition is turned on then shuts off when the car is started.Now at 143K when driving ( Any gear) the car. Once in awhile it stutters real bad all most like taking off in 5th gear, I push the clutch in and the enginge revs no problem, release the clutch and you have to keep it floored to maintain speed, then its fine ???WTF.
If I had to do it all over again I would have purchased the same car but 03 1/2 or a 2004.
I think I got the first one (Bugs) off the assembly line.
Don't get me wrong I like it, its easy to work on & parts are not that expensive.
I bought my 2003 Vibe new. There have been 2 problems - one, no heat after it gets 20 degrees (I live in WI, need heat); and now my front wheel bearings are going, with only 77000 miles on it. Otherwise, like the car. It is a bit noisy, but not annoying to me. I like the space and how it handles. Pick up could be better.
I purchased my 2003 Vibe new and have been very satisfied. It now has 218,000 miles on it and I am considering replacing with another with the same body style. The few issues I have had include AC replaced last year, catalytic converter ($750) and both back window motor went out within same week. I still love driving it and get 33-34 mpg on hwy trips with the 1.8L
This is my second Vibe. I needed a car to get back and forth to work. It runs great. I have no complaints about how it handles and such. I had to get the Front windows fixed (there is a free recall). Also, the fit and finish is not as nice as our 2006 Vibe. It looks like it was the first one off the assembly line. It has 110,000 miles on it, so some things, I am sure, have been abused. The hatch window does not open. All in all, a good car. Oh yea, and the car came with the roof rack complete! Apparently they saved money after 2003 and made you buy it separate.