2002 Pontiac Sunfire Reviews and Owner Comments

2002 Pontiac Sunfire owners review and rate their 2002 Pontiac Sunfire.

2002 Pontiac Sunfire (2 Reviews)
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I bought it new (my first car) and it lasted until last December when an idiot didn't stop at a red light and wrecked my passenger side completely. I am really sad to loose this car. It's beyond repair. While the suspension and air conditioning may be its weakest, this car had no issue up to 140,000KM. I was able to move so much stuff, drive long distances with no issue. As surprising as it could be, this car was amazing with extreme snow. Living in Canada, it is quite important. While other cars get stucked in parking or driveway and can't do anything, this sunfire with its rear wheel drive (mine was sunfire 2002 SX), just surpassed them all and was driving like a crossover on snow and icy roads. For the price it's really a good one for starters.
Great car. Bought it new, never had an issue, almost ready to turn 100,000 miles. Might have another 100,000 left in it!