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1999 Pontiac Sunfire owners review and rate their 1999 Pontiac Sunfire.

1999 Pontiac Sunfire (1 Review)
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A gem, with 400,000 km ( almost 250,000 miles) on it, with original clutch, original suspension and original exhaust. Took over a lease at 28,000km , about 9 years ago. Outside of regular maintanence (which I often missed) and regular repairs (breaks), all I ever replaced was 2 starter motors, 2 water pumps and one rocker cover gasket. This 2.2L 5 speed, North Americal built car, has been the best valued car I have ever owned. I'm about to retire it, as I'm not going to put money into something with this much milage. But then, I was going to retire it over 2 years ago, when it crossed the 300,000km barrier. I may just look for another 2.2L Sunfire.

Andy Rauer
Toronto, Canada