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1997 Pontiac Sunfire (4 Reviews)
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i love my 2.4L 150hp sunfire. I have owned several new cars, this one was only meant to be for work, but it's unusually fun to drive (provided its the GT package). i retired my 06 trailblazer to the yard in favor of the sunfire. i bought it with 66k miles, and runs smoothly with 148k. the only downside, is its an electrical nightmare once it gets old. my headlight switch doesnt work, i have no a/c, and the struts are starting to fail, but it always starts and drives, and hits 60mph in 7.8 seconds with the 4spd auto. even with its quibbles, i still love it
Bought this 2.4L Coupe with all the upgrades except GT. Added mag wheels and wider tires and fake dual exhaust with a ( a bit loud )spark arrester only. It had 38000 in 2000 and up to 149000 now. Replaced a water heater and the AC quit. Love to drag race from the intersection light. Not happy with the tires not good for rain in Washington ! I rat race with it sometimes, but keep it safe. I alway use Chevron medium grade gas and I get 25 to 32 with lots of power. Got smashed into the passenger side and had to drive it that way for 6 months. Finally got the damn insurance to pay and it still runs great. Had to replace a darn crank align sensor. Never had heard of that, but the car just stopped. I moved the front plate down on the air spoiler to expose the Pontiac nose. Everyone likes that except a trooper who can see the numbers but not the bottom inch which bends under. I have the dark red original paint and it draws attention. I'd repaint it if I weren't unemployed,,,same color. I love this car,,,but I might try to squeeze in a 350 !
i have my 1997 pontiac sunfire with the 2.4 since august 2005 and my 1998 sunfire with a 2.2 only had the usual wear and tear problems, brakes, tires etc.. never any other problems, great on gas and runs well if you keep up with normal maintinance.
i have a 1997 sunfire. bought it about a year ago and had no major issues with it other than the usuall brakes etc...