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2005 Pontiac Montana (3 Reviews)
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I have a 2005 Montana. It has been a very reliable car. I have put quite a few brake pads on the car seems to go thru them and then they squeal. I replace about every 30000 miles. My main issue with it now is that from a cold overnight start I get bad gas fumes once car warms up there are no more fumes. Still trying to locate what is causing it. Took it to the shop and they say I have no leaks. They have had me put in fuel injector cleaner says they should help I am on second bottle and still has the smell.
I purchased the car in 2006 it was a 2005 with 360000 miles. It now has 850000 miles and has penny and dined me to death. First the fan belt, right door electric window stopped, then the wind shield wipers , then the electric mirrors, and today the cargo door came off the right side and the left side is making the same noise as the right side before it came off. I brought a used hyundai the same year a 2002 with 104000 miles and have had no problems.
Very solid van. Cool exterior (mock suv), great ride. Pros: huge power (its crazy how powerful the engine is, you can actually smoke your tires in this); great handling and ride; great interior comfort (air/heat in front, mid, & back); comfy seats; highly reliable van. Cons: poor placement for DVD controls (you cannot adjust movies for little ones without leaning way back or being in back); rear seats suck to fold up or to take out/put back in (they are heavy too rigid, and are not labeled for ease of reentry).