2003 Pontiac Montana Reviews and Owner Comments

2003 Pontiac Montana owners review and rate their 2003 Pontiac Montana.

2003 Pontiac Montana (4 Reviews)
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Bought with 14K miles and now with 145K. Except for routine maintenance I have only had to replace the intake manifold gasket and water pump. Now the head gasket is leaking and needs replaced. Engine still runs great with good performance. The plastic bottom panel hides the rust well. No electrical problems. It has been very reliable.
Purchased a 2003 Montana with about 20,000 miles on it. The thing with the Montana is that a lot of annoying little things go wrong. The fuel gauge does not work, warning lights go off when there are no actual problems, lower plastic side panel gets knocked off in a car wash, doors have to be unlocked/locked and unlocked again to open ... it does not inspire confidence. I am very fortunate that my mechanic is a good friend and never tries to squeeze money from me for these 'non-issues'.

To be fair, the Montana has gotten me and my family from point A to B. Like another person mentioned, this vehicle has its warts (maybe with a hair growing out of it) and you'd rather not take her to your high school prom - still, the engine, drive-train, braking system have never let me down.

Regular maintenance is the key.
I bought mine used, and it came with electrical problems. Still hunting some of them down even now, a year later. There is plenty of power for this van, and it does so much better than the Dodge Caravan. I have the extended van, and have been able to haul three 3/16" sheets of drywall, a fullsize couch and other items in the back without too much problem. We've also had it full of kids. The seats in the middle are extremely hard to get out so we just tend to fold them down.
The van looks good and the interior is good. It does have a lot of minor maintance issues on a regular basis. Right now our transmission gear selector cable is broke so it's stuck in drive. The wiper blade transmission needs replaced, and the ABS trouble light it on.