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2002 Pontiac Montana owners review and rate their 2002 Pontiac Montana.

2002 Pontiac Montana (6 Reviews)
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My 2002 Montana's windshield wipers are in the up position when off.
I have had my Montana since 2002, 125K+ miles. There are some annoyances and warts, I never worry about taking it anywhere in any weather.
I have 2002 Extended Montana Van which I bought new. I've had it 7 years now it has 85000 miles on it and this years I've spent over $3000.00 on it so far. Few year A/C quit blowing cold air it was a leak in condenser at seam which cost like $1200 to fix. This year the transmission started shifting rough when engine got warm, they overhauled valve body for $1800.00 everything else looked good in transmission at 82,000 miles. Few months later intake manaifold started leaking antifreeze cost $900.00 and now the A/C water is not draining properly, it's soaking the drivers floor really bad in which I took to dealer they had for day and tell me they got hose unplugged but still something blocking the water from draining and want $1500.00 to take dash a part. I got found a GM Tech to do it at his home. I getting ready to sell vehicle now it's time. It was good car up to 6 years old. When they start getting old it's starting to nickel and time me.
2002 Pontiac Montana, 67,000 miles and the air quits. Mechanics estimate $1200-$1500. Will never buy another GM product. I'm a firm believer that vehicles should not have major mechanical problems, no matter the age, with fewer than 100,000 miles.
I wanted to support the American car makers and steer away from foreign car makers. Bought it used with 11,000 miles. Now have 111,000 miles. so far replaced the AC compressor (blown gasket), Condensor coil (poor weld), 3 wheel bearings, rear shocks, intake manifold gaskets 3 times, 2 alternators, 2 batteries, computor, OX sensor, Head gaskets/valve grind. Now driving around with a DVR because the dealer can't solve electrical trouble, driving down the road and engine dies, gas gage goes to empty and computor locks the engine so it will not even try to start, now with code P0122 and P0452 dealer replaced battery, alternator, burnt pins on back of instement cluster. now waiting for the next time it dies so trouble can be recorded on the DVR. One fix worth shareing is with the headlights, operate on the fixture and remove the shelding around the bulb and using a different bulb but you will have to switch 2 wires in the socket, ground will be on the wrong pin some work but the improvement is worth it
Works just like it should, Bought it brand new a few minor things have gone wrong but they were all taken care of in the first 3 years and were repaired under warranty.