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2000 Pontiac Montana owners review and rate their 2000 Pontiac Montana.

2000 Pontiac Montana (3 Reviews)
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Purchased a 2000 extended version used in 2006. Must say that it has proven to be very reliable. Started having some "kick" in the tranny but it wasn't a major problem. The headlights would always be half filled with water. Had the headlights replaced and they filled up again. This happens very often. Because the van had 250,000 plus miles on it, I decided to have the motor and trans changed. Now the steering won't turn, and for some reason the van will not start up with the key. A push button was put in to make it start. But still has problem with steering.
bought pontiac with 35,900 miles on it, drove to 38,800 miles and the trans. burnt up coming home on the turnpike in pa.had to get it towed to local trans. shop. they told me this is common on gm cars--years 1999--2001 because GM BOUGHT a new type of bearing to put in trans. to save a dollar for each car---wow---that bearing cost me 2,700 to have shop rebuild the trans. in that montana. thanks for all your help GM!!!called and no one wanted to listen, NOW MY ENGINE ? with 107,000 needs exhaust manifold gaskets, since the engine sits side ways mech. says he has to drop engine and trans. , to do so he has to drop uni--body to pull them out of car to repair gaskets. lets see now all of that, plus my cd doesn t play anymore? and gas gauge does not work ? ITS NO WONDER GM WAS FOLDING UP! I LL NEVER BUY ANOTHER GM-------STANDS FOR GET MAD!!!!!!! OR GET UR MONEY?????? I NEVER SEEN SO MANY CHEVYS ,OLDS,PONTIAC S,IN THE JUNK YARDS-----ITS BULL SHIT-------TRANS BLOWN UP,ENGINES BLOWN UP, COOLANT LEAKS INTO MOTORS-BLOWN UP---TOO BAD OBABAMA BAILED THEM OUT -----WE SHOULD VE SENT GM OVER TO BUILD IRAQ S----MILITARY VECH.S------------SHIT WE WOULD NT OF HAD TO FIRE BULLETS AND MISSLES AT THEM---------THIER VECH.S WOULD OF BLOWN UP IN DUE TIME ---WE WIN AGAIN!!!!!! ANYONE IN IRAQ WANT A PONTIAC FREE?????
Brakes just are not the greastest on this model