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1999 Pontiac Montana owners review and rate their 1999 Pontiac Montana.

1999 Pontiac Montana (2 Reviews)
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Bought with 25,000 miles on it; now has just turned 100,000. The intake manifold gasket was replaced under warranty (an inherent problem with this model). The transmission had issues around 95,000 miles, but had it repaired (solenoid?) and have always had it serviced per manual. Had the 100K tune-up done and it runs fine. Gets 26/mpg on the interstate! Does not use oil.
Brought the van when it was brand new and 10 years later there are a few issues.
The roof leaks by the center of the top of the windshield and no one can find where its coming from.
The trans shifts rough from first to second.
The complete exhast system has rust holes through it from the engine to the muffler.
The power sliding door has casued it to go to the dealer at least 5 times and still does not work.
Both front windows are coming off track.
First engine had to be replaced.
Power driver seat does not work.
Auto leveling shocks in the back kept coming on when it was parked to the point where it killed the battery a few times and had to be disconnected.
Have replaced the therostat on the current engine.
Windshield wipers dont park correctly.
Windshild washer fluid sprayer does not work on the windshield, just in the rear.
Now it needs a new water pumd or the head gasket is bad.