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1993 Pontiac Grand Prix (3 Reviews)
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I've only had my 93 Grand Prix LE for about 2 months. Other than a service engine light coming on it hasn't given me any problems. No oil leaks, no oil usage, air cond. works and breaks are fabulous. Very good engine power for a 20 year old car. The odometer says 53000?
very good car, obtained car in 2011 from friend who mother owned the car. I replaced the waterpump, alternator, back struts, battery, door locks module, that was a problem, did not know what was the problem, the locks would humm from one door to the other all around the car all four doors. went to the dealer and they said that they could not help. I went to a electrical shop and they found the problem was a module for the chimes and door locks, got a used one solved the problem. Now I have a problem with anti-freeze leaking from under the car, think its the timing cover.
i love my 93 grand prix had it since 2010 in sept, the only problem i've had was a valve cover gasket, catalylic converter and left muffler. has kept the oil changed and runs really well on the road. the blizzard came 2011 and it has moved since. i think it's the starter the lights and everything come on but it won't start today the weather is a lil better i can hear a clicking sound when i try to start it. i'm gonna get some one to jump me cause the battery might be low to start