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2005 Pontiac Grand Am (2 Reviews)
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I have had my Grand am since 2005 its been a great car. in last 2 months I finally changed the brakes and water pump went this last week... Other than route oil changes and car washed and tires. I have never had a problem w my car.... I think today I have 140,000 miles It has been to Ohio and back FLL and back. gotta love your cars....
87,000 miles.4Dr. 4cyl. The heater/ac blower motor has a squeak that drives me nuts, on low speed. Just had both front wheel bearings replaced - I got a Direct Tire that is really honest and charged me $503 for both installed. They were going to do all brakes, but told me they are fine for now. I read online that is COMMON for wheel bearings to go on Grand Ams made in the late 1990's thru 2005. Figures GM did not get it right for some 15 years. They stopped making this model in 2004, but did a limited run in 2005 for fleet owners like rentals, lease companies, and fleets for corporations. It is a very well liked car for that use. I like the car overall. Been good to it, it is good to me. The factory-sealed transmission scares me, sometimes I think it slips or mis-shifts. Can't check the tranny fluid, as it is sealed. It is supposed to outlast the car, or you need to replace it or find a rebuilt one - if you can. I consistently get 20 - 24 mph. mostly depending on the weather. worse mph in the winter.