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2004 Pontiac Grand Am (9 Reviews)
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My car has 206,638 miles runs pretty darn good. The car is soft and seems to have a lot of body roll and doesn't handle that well. The car has never been wrecked. It started leaking really bad and the drivers side floor board would turn into water puddle. Couldn't figure out where the water was coming from (checked windshield, sunroof and the cowl) and it turned out to be where the outer skin of the roof and the inner skin was separating letting the water come and run down inside the car right by the hood release lever. Like someone else said this car has lots of blind spots. The view out the rear of the car is terrible it's like backing up a dump truck
I bought this car fully loaded and gently used with 29,000. Now, 9 years and 140,000 miles later, it has been inexpensive to own and has required mostly routine maintenance. At 165,000 there are some very minor issues that I don't find necessary to repair just yet. 1) The 'Service Engine Soon' light will come on, especially in cold weather, when the thermostat/temperature gauge does not reach 200F in the expected time frame. 2) The back light on the shift has gone out, so in the dark you cannot physically see that you are in Reverse-Neutral-Drive-Overdrive. In terms of tires, WINTER TIRES WERE A MUST in the snow covered Midwest states. The car is phenomenal IF it has a good set of winter tires (I have LOVED Blizzak WS80), however when I tried (multiple sets of) "all-season" tires, I slid off the road every winter and could not navigate through more than a few inches of snow. I would not hesitate to buy this car again if Pontiac were still producing vehicles.

EASY TIP: If you hear a clicking sound coming from the dashboard area, especially in rainy weather, a part under the steering wheel needs to be cleaned. It's a free, easy fix that you can do yourself if you search for the video in YouTube. Worth every minute to get rid of a VERY annoying clicking sound.
my window regulater is wethless. every pontiac grand am i have seen has had mager scratches in the front two seats. i was complaining about it when i came across another poniac, completely the same as mine for sale. with the SAME scratches all over the windor. how was there not a recall for the damn regulaters? so far it has only stalled on me 5 times in the past few months. it's almost like poniac did what they could to make the vehicle look better but ran out of money and said fuck it lets make the rest of it out of cardboard.
170,000 miles and counting. Other than normal wear and tear, it's been a reliable vehicle. Never gave me any problems.
No maintenance has been required in 7 years except for normal wear and tear. Tires, wiper blades etc. Replaced front disk brake pads at 60,000 miles but they could have easily lasted another 20,000. The only major complaint about the car is rear view visibility.
It sucks and there are more than one blind spot. Really have to check the rear view and side mirrors before passing etc. All in all this has been a great car.
The 2004 Pontiac grand am is theworst car ever. It has a problem evey day. The security system always malfunctions, the coolant leaks out, the head gaskets go bad, the check engine light is always flashing. No matter how many times you fix it, it always goes back again. This car absolutely sucks!!!
Replaced the Fuel pump and filter on my 2004 Pontiac Grand Am about two months ago. Now the fuel guage is not working properly. Should the Fuel Level Sensor have been replaced with the pump and filter? Whats the typical cost to replace the sensor on this vehicle?
Love my Grand Am GT, no problems with this car!!
Had this car three years this month and the only things we've had to do to it are the strut mounts (under warranty), the battery, tires, spark plugs, brakes (pads and rotors), a washer pump as well as a floor mat. The right rear window has seized up on us a couple of times, but this is very minor. Total cost of these repairs was less than $600 and most is considered normal wear and tear. Not much to look at, after all, it's a Grand Am. The interior is cheap-looking, quirky and for a six footer such as myself, this car is a challenge to get in and out of. It’s as if General Motors deliberately made a car that only people of short stature could fit in. My wife loves this car and drives it 90% of the time and it’s been very reliable. It had 17000 miles on it when we bought it, it has 46000 at present. It has the 2.2 liter Ecotech 4 engine.