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2001 Pontiac Grand Am (9 Reviews)
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I have drove my 2001 Grand AM for the last eleven years. One MAP sensor was replaced, the usual expected maintenance items were done, replaced one A/C compressor this year, a harmonic balancer three years, ago, replaced the upper intake manifold one year ,ago, and now it has to have the head gaskets replaced. Eighty-five thousands miles on the car. Judge for yourself. I ran this car for the last four years with the head leaking until only recently needing the work to be done. If you calculate the yearly depreciation of a car over ten years and compare that yearly cost to the cost of geting your car repaired (within limits)then a person is better off paying for the automotive repairs as they happen than paying out for a new car. Granted you get a newer ride but the cost for that new ride is very expensive now-a-days. Food for thought. Of course, at some point the costs of the repairs will overcome the pay out on a new car...whatever that point is.
i have had 2 pontiac grand am's and they are the best cars in my book
I bought my 2001 Grand Am SE1 May of '08 at 104,000 miles. She is at 145,500 and her harmonic balancer on the crankshaft pulley came off. I had to replace 3 belts in the past 9 months. The pulley was shaking very slightly and the tensioner needed to be replaced. Overall though, she has given me a great ride for 2 and a half years. Her drive belt was the only problem.
I have had my car for 110,000 so far and there have been no major issues beyond normal wear and tear.
I;ve had my 2001 pontiac grand am se since 2005. in 2006 the radiator cracked and had it fixed. it also had the recall of the ticker continueing even after I turned or randomly come on. took that in to get it fixed. 2006 passlock system failed so I bought a bypass with Viper alarm system with remote start and never had a problem with it. 2008 i replaced the alternator, and had to have the piston redone and the engine machined cause it was having a misfire on cylinder 2. i've also replaced the thermostat two times. 3 months ago i had to replace the driver side rotor cause it seized, replace the coolant resovoir tank cause it cracked, and the coolant upper hose cause it cracked too. now it's having a problem starting, it cranks but wont start sometimes, and it will shut off while I'm driving it on the freeway, in town, ect. If I hadn't bought it used then i would probly have taken it back.
I've had the 2001 Grand Am 5 speed manual transmission since new, my third Grand Am. It is coming up on 110,000 miles and just now has to have the rack and pinion steering unit replaced. Only routine maintenance otherwise. What else is out their for an Old Pontiac Lover?
I have owned a Grand am for about a week and it is now in the shop. Enough said. loved the tight ride and driver controls for the week it was running. Pontiac could be on to something if they put in the time and worksmanship to make it right so it would last. To damn much like BP. And our government. To anyone who took the time to read this, thx for listening to me vent.
we've had our 2001 Grand Am SE for almost four years now, and we've only had to replace a few things, but the car was used when we bought it so you can't expect it to be perfect. We replaced the computer, the driver side window, and we're about to replace the brakes. We love this car, it's perfect for our family. It has 124,000 miles on it and I'm pretty positive it has a lot more miles to go before we have to retire it for good.
Have replaced both electric window motors, head gasket, intake manifold gasket, both drive shafts, rotors and brakes every 20K miles, front wheel bearings 2 or 3 times a year, ignition lockout replaced, needs a rack and pinion unit, needs front bushings, losing power oon acceleration (feels like trans is starting to slip) at 130,000 miles, hoping to make 200,000k.