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2000 Pontiac Grand Am (10 Reviews)
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I bought this car new and have driven it like I stole it ever since. almost 400 000 kms on the engine and it still works great and never uses a drop of oil. 5spd man. trans/clutch and most major parts are original- with the exception of the starter and battery. shifts the same as new- the brakes have sucked since day one- underpowered for the car and constantly needing repairs- sticking, seizing you name it-its had a devine clunking noise from the rear suspension since it was three months old that can be fixed but only lasts as long as it takes to do the repair- the body has held up well, have had no issues with the electrical with the exception of the heater blower but the air conditioning has been a constant pain and I have given up repairing it as it just keeps crapping out.and wheel bearings/hub assemblies are only good for about 20 k a constant issue- still looks good inside and out/ still drive it for my winter beater- not a bad car considering it had a huge number of recalls in the first six months of its life!
it will sit in my driveway and run for hours but when i get it on the road it about 7 miles and then shuts off and i have to let it sit 20 or 30 minutes unless i use starting fluid
bought this car new now has 92000 miles. just blew head gasket ,check engine lights on for 2 years. sun roof will open then wont close till it wants to replaced all 4 window parts to open and close windows dealer charged 597.00 can buy at auto parts store for 189.00 only 4 bolts. dashboard curling up . my wife loves this car. but it time to go still looks showroom new
When I accelerate the car bogs down and it acts as if it looses power but it picks up after I let off the gas. The auto part store tested it with a machine and told me I needed an EGR valve. throttle position sensor, and heated oxygen sensor. I have replaced the EGR valve but it is still bogging down like its not gettin enough air to the motor. I need some advice on what it could be now.
i bought my 2000 grand am in june of 2000. my wife drove the car for 8 years. i have been driving the car for the last 2 years. it has over 225000 miles on it now! i still enjoy driving it. i have had a few problems out of it like the flasher clicking, the intake leak, i replaced the starter once, one water pump, and the window regulator. i have been pleased with the car!
The only other car that had every problem imaginable occur was my 1984 Chevy Camaro. I only wish I had stopped throwing money after bad. The best thing to do is to drive this car off a short pier(if you have one near you, as I don't). -Ugh!!!!
I have had this car since 03' It had around 25K when i bought it & its now at 70k. I didn't put many miles on it but since i had it, it had/has many electrical problems. I think my problem was that i put in an amp/sub (sound system) in it with the stock battery & it litterly died in 06' where i had to use my portable battery jumper anytime the car needed a start. My suggestion if you have this car & want to hook up a sound system up to it, replace the battery with an OPTIMA or another high end battery & replace it if it ever stops working for you. You might avoid electrical problems this way.

If you do repairs on your own, i highly suggest you have the A/C system done professionally. You can install a new compressor (only after a pro ejects all the AC Coolant). Never, add coolant yourself. I made the mistake by overcharging the system when my BCM (Body Control Module) was going out on me. (yet another electrical problem).

Overall the car works great for me, i only use Shell premium with mine (V6-3.4 Litre Engine) & the engine performance is great, works like new (yea just wait til i hit 130-160K). If you take care of this car & not treat it like your rustbucket, meaning do all oil changes (every 3,000-6,000 miles) or since the 2000 grand ams have a change oil light indicator change it during that time. Do what the manual says for preventive maintenence & you should be fine. And, if your check engine light comes on & flashes get it to a repair facility immediately. (you might be able to stop by a auto part store that checks the codes for you). If its not flashing its minor but should be checked out right away to avoid a more serious problem. It could be bad spark plugs, or you didn't put your gas cap on correctly. Get regular check ups even though it seems to run good, when i need my oil changed i get a free inspection to see what needs replacing.

Since this is car is 10 years old (like any other car) you definatly want a professional (trusted) mechanic looking at the car to see what needs fixing/replacing & also i look at it this way, no car is junk, the only problems i see with the cars are how the previous owner(s) cared for their car (or didn't). Of course grand ams are not flawless, they do have their own share of problems or defects.
stay away from 2000 pontiac. it's a piece of junk
So I have a 2000 grand am and its junk. The brake lights are shorted out, the front pass. window worked when it wanted to and both pass. side windows are now off track. The braking system sucks! My engine light wont shut off and noone knows why. The water pump has went out. I've had numerous ignition problems...2 of them involving Security light crap and a non-start of my p.o.s. The intake manifold has had leaking gaskets. The power steering has failed. The engine revs uncontrolled and by itself occasionally. My side mirror fell off by itself! The heat/ac resistor has stopped working 4 times. The fan motor has also failed. The battery shorts out occasionally. My warning lights illuminate telling me there's a problem, but really there's nothing wrong at all, they will flash or go out w/in a day. The radio/cd/clock display no longer functions. The tachometer shoots up somtime when the car is turned off. My turn signals click long after the switch has been tured off. And currently the car stalled out on me while driving down the interstate at 70mph and left me w/ no steering or brakes, it will not restart. I've had problems w/ the way it starts since I bought the thing in 2001...slow and hesitant, sometimes hard starts. GM dealers say they don't know what the problem is. I've had problems w/ this car since purchased in 2001 and really went down hill a couple of months after the warranty expired, the car had less than 36,000 mi...don't ever buy one of these cars, stay away from pontiac!!! I take care of my car and it still fell apart! Buy a honda, I wish I had! I've seriously put $5000 into this car and bought it for about $13000 in ''s not worth the trouble...stay away! Everyone I know that has owned a grand am has had similar problems!
Brakes have been a major problem ... pads and rotors don't last more than 15k miles. I've given up on taking the car back to the dealer.

Imagine my surprise this last winter to turn on the fan to clear the windows only to have nothing happen. Second time for the fan to go out.

But overall it hasn't been a bad car. Just not like the Trans Am I had in college. A real CAR!