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1998 Pontiac Grand Am (2 Reviews)
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I bought my 1998 Pontiac Grand Am Gt for $1,800. I bought it with 175,xxx miles on it. When looking at the car for the first time, I loved it. It had a really nice body, although the front bumper was an off-white to the car's pearl white. The interior was nice; no tears, no nothing. However, the dash board around the steering wheel and the CD player was coming apart. I did not mind the little cosmetic issues. I bought the car. On the way home, it was fine. I noticed it would need new shocks and tires. The air worked, it all worked. Except the seat belt sensor would NOT go off. I was not worried about that. I was about 15 miles from my house (getting it home), the AC went out and it overheated!! I had not had the car a day and it broke down on me. I had it towed the rest of the way home thanks to my preacher. My step dad, who is a mechanic, worked about $1,000 of labor into the car for free. I had to purchase an all new head gasket kit (the heads did not crack--thank God). He got it running. I was so excited. I had had it for about five months and I finally got to drive it again. First thing: went and got new tires for it. I drove it only once or twice a week. It was fine, except when I would come to a stop (either at a stop light or a stop sign) the car would start to jump and act like it wanted to die. A couple of times it did die on me. I was guessing the fuel gauge was wrong. I guessed this because when it would be at a half tank, it would start doing that. When I would fill it up until it could not hold any more, it would be perfectly fine. We had it hooked up to a computer to see if anything was making it do that and the computer said everything was fine. Well, I just kept gas in it. It was fine. Then I made a two hour trip, there an back. It did wonderfully. I was proud. I then drove it the next day and found out that the radiator had cracks in it. Fluid was gushing everywhere, and the car overheated, yet again. I purchased a new radiator for it. My step dad got it in for me, but the car still would not run. So, he tore it all down again and found out that I would need a new head gasket kit. The heads were not cracked. And that is where I am with it right now. The tires have 95% tread left, and I cannot drive it. As soon as it gets running again, I am selling it. I need something that I know will be reliable. I would NOT recommend the '98 Grand Am Gt to anyone. A Grand Am can be a good car. CAN be, if it is bought new. They are just known for overheating. And that is exactly what mine did to me, twice. I love it, but I just cannot keep affording it to overheat.
Good driving and riding car. I have had a 96' grand am se and currently a 98' grand am gt both have had coolant leaks and overheating problems. If you have to replace anything it's extremely difficult. If you can fix the coolant leak problems it would be a good car.