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1995 Pontiac Grand Am (4 Reviews)
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me and my g/f just bought a 95 grand am se sedan for $600. it needed a serpintine belt which i replace on 10/22/11 even though it was a lil bit of a pain. it has 101,589mi on it and it's due for plugs and oil change. but for only $600 and only needing a few very minor things i think it was a good buy, if u have advice for me e-mail me @ that way i'll have a heads up for whats to come
Bought the car used with 40K miles, it now has 107K miles. At the time of purchase the driver side window would not go up or down and had to be repaired (manual system).

Since then the automatic transmission shifter cable broke and I replaced it after carefully disassembling the center console. The turn signals started failing to work and I found in a Forum that if you spray WD40 through the flasher button at the top of the steering column it resolves the problem. Apparently the connection gets dirty with dust and it affect the turn signals.

The latest problem is that the A/C vent switch stopped working. Had to take the front of the dash apart and remove the glove compartment and found that there is no vacuum reaching the switch. I traced the line and plan to replace/fix it this weekend.

Having said that, the car has been extremely reliable on the power train, brakes suspension etc. The car gives 28 mpg highway with 5 people in it and stuff in the trunk. It has held up pretty well and the paint has not had problems even though the car sits out in the sun and is 15 years old.

All in all I have been very happy with this vehicle and my daughter will be driving it to school next year.
Car has original 34,000 miles. everything to repair is difficult to get to. many repairs. injectors, suspension, shakey on hills with injection, interior is plastic, faulty electric window motors (two door coupe) has very heavy large doors. if you have knee problems it will be difficult to get in and out. right now i'm working on the blower motor and resistor. A/c is cold. but it wont blow. have to remove power steering to get to blower motor, It's a quick car, V6 3.5ltr, but with all the problems for such little milage, not worth the trouble. I'm glad GM stopped making Pontiac. I'll stick with my Chevy Truck!
This car has been nothing but problems since the day I bought it. I'm constantly repairing and replacing suspension components, struts, bushings, you name it. The electrical harness is a joke. One day the car won't start, two days later none of the lights work, and by the weekend everything works again. I've spent hours trying to seal this car but it still floods everytime it rains. The engine and drivetrain have worked well but space is cramped so be ready for some miserable repairs. Just to swap the serpentine you have to remove the entire passenger side engine mount assembly and put the motor on a jack. Replacing the radiator requires you bleed and disconnect the AC lines. When the factory alternator was installed they put the main bolt in the wrong way requiring the whole thing be cut apart because there wasn't enough clearance to the suspension tower (this was down in the dead of winter in a supermarket parking lot). If you value your time, money, and don't want your kids learning a barrage of nasty words please just avoid this car at all costs.