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2007 Pontiac G5 (5 Reviews)
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I've had my 2007 GT since 2008 and I love it! Only issues I've had is the back brakes sound horrible (briefly) after it has rained and there is a clicking noise with the air/heat on. Other than that, this car has held up, everything works just as it did when I bought it. Pontiacs are really good cars. Hated to see them go.
Great value car. Owned this car since 2008. It is now 2014, and she has over 125,000 miles on the odometer. I got the base model with no power locks, windows, etc. Never had any major repairs at all. Replaced a rear strut after a four drive on rough gravel road and had a a/c hose break, replaced the accessory belt once...regular wear stuff, that's it. Been coast to coast and over terrain only trucks usually brave. Too bad they don't make them anymore.
DON'T DO IT! Tranny went out before 80k and has only cost me ridiculous amounts of money. Cheap car.
2007 Pontiac G5 while driving all at once: the doors will
unlock the speedometer goes to zero the mileage reads power steering and
the transmission goes in to 2 gear (no matter how fast your going) if you put it on mileage or trip it
shows 000-000 or something to this effect
Engine sound a bit noisy compared to similar cars but otherwise no complains.