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2002 Pontiac Firebird (6 Reviews)
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I am the original owner of my 2002 Trans Am which has only 50,000 miles on it. Recently an engine oil leak has developed and I was told it could be the oil pan or the main rear seal. It may cost over $500 to repair the problem. My mechanic topped off the oil and told me to come back in one month and they'll put some type of sealant additive in with the motor oil. Who knows - maybe it will help or work. I have had to replace light bulbs too often on this car. No big deal - not too costly. I did replace the "cracked" sway bar with a solid sway bar, as the factory installed one was hollow. I love my car, it looks great for being 10 years old and I still get lots of compliments! It is costly, however, for premium gasoline to keep this car running at its best.
my 02 Firebird has 89k miles so far. i do the maintenance myself and have never had a problem yet. but recently i've noticed a coolant leak and think it might be the water pump gasket.

unlike other owners i haven't had problems with the T-tops leaking or any mechanical damage or defect. however the electronics tend to burn out like any GM. the driverside headlight motor and window motor. also the headlight and turn signal bulbs blow out more often than usual.

the car drives, handles and brakes smoothly and the front seats are comfortable. the audio system is also very nice
This car really looks good and I thought it would have been fun to drive but ever since I got it, I have had to put money into it. First the Mass Air Flow Sensors, then the oil pan gasket, then the Serpentine belt, then the rear differential gaskets, and now the fuel pump, cat converter, tune up, brakes, window regulators, etc. Yep, the car looks good, but you better have deep pockets to care for this car. Cost more than double in repairs than what is was worth. Very disappointing.
I haven't had any major problems with my '02 Firebird until recently. My fuel pump is being replaced after 86k miles. My window motors were replaced, both sides, about two years ago. I've changed the battery twice and a few light bulbs occasionally, but other than that, the car is running strong.
I just jinxed myself, huh...
I did Jinx myself; all of the valve lifters had to be replaced. &$%@#
This is a great car if taken care of properly. One of the biggest problems with these cars is the headlight motors. They will start making ratcheting noises when turned on - off. There is a company that makes brass gears as a replacement and is about $100.00 for the pair. GM used plastic gears on plastic gears, and the drive gear for the motor gets eaten away. I am assuming the power window motors probably have the same type of gearing. My LS-1 also has a slight knock underneath and only has 12,400 mi.
I think we need a bit more information from "natural energy"! Top fuel mileage from my V8 Bird has been in the mid 20'S. Lot's of squeeks and rattels. The drivers side window motor had to be replaced. Over all, not a bad car - better for a smaller person!