1993 Pontiac Bonneville Reviews and Owner Comments

1993 Pontiac Bonneville owners review and rate their 1993 Pontiac Bonneville.

1993 Pontiac Bonneville (1 Review)
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I bought this car last october with 170 on it havent had but minor issues mainly with wheel hub and bearings. Brakes are a bit weird. But in all its a beautiful car. Reliable and roomy. I believe that it was maintained well by previouse owner. no real signs of excissive wear on interior or exterior. No one believes its a 93. Alot of the issues I am facing come with high milage. Some say I shouldnt have bought and others say for the 1500 I paid they dont see where I have room to complain. with the price comes issues any how right. By the way I am an olds person my self but The bonnie would have been my 2nd. Olds are the best hands down. to bad they arent making them anymore.