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2002 Pontiac Aztek (2 Reviews)
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Three people in neighborhood having same problems with 2002 :key wont turn off without pushing manual button on bottom of steering column,tow leveling pump runs frequently because hoses have dry rotted, repairs on wheel bearings($600 each)before 50,000 miles,(mine were replaced 3 times before aftermarket bearing took care of it,ignition switch now failing causing dash lights to go out frequently, then come back on if you tap key and have had car die out, from same, resister pack has failed repeatedly on blower motor control and none of us have air conditioning, mine failed after 2 years.(soldered higher wattage resisters to board to keep them from burning out).
Goes through brake pads every 20k and excessive and uneven rotor wear. Replaced right wheel bearing at 30k and 60k and the left at 45k. Blower resistor pack blown at 40k. Power steering hose leak at 60k. Engine and trans seems okay, though, but their are definitely systemic problems with brake, wheel bearing and blower resistor design... which is what most Aztek owners are saying. Otherwise, nice size vehicle with generous truck for the money... and I like the styling as well.