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1993 Plymouth Voyager (1 Review)
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For the lady who purchased a '92 Voyager....your doors need reset by a bodyman who will adjust the doors and the front fenders. If the keys won't turn in the doors then you either have the wrong door key or all the interior mechanisms are damaged in some way. The leaking in the back could be caused by many things, something else for a bodyman to review. Your fusebox is under the dashboard. Otherwise...

Our van has 86k on it. Problem areas to keep an eye on are the rocker panels (both sides)and the sliding door bottom, both areas of heavy rust due to poor drainage. Rear beam axle is another place that rusts from the inside out and could kill you if it breaks under load at highway speeds.

I'd suggest this van to anyone capable of keeping up with the maintenance an older vehicle requires which is above and beyond what a newer one needs. This is true though for any older vehicle. If you can't do that, or if you can't afford to have someone else do it, then be prepared for seeing the inside of a flatbed's cab and your vehicle hanging on for dear life in the back as it rolls away to the scrapyard.