1992 Plymouth Voyager Reviews and Owner Comments

1992 Plymouth Voyager owners review and rate their 1992 Plymouth Voyager.

1992 Plymouth Voyager (2 Reviews)
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I just bought a used 1992 Plymouth Voyager and both front doors won't shut properly and the passenger side front door will not close at all. Also today it rained and the car leaked water from the inside roof at the back by the tailgate. The key will not unlock any of the doors. The rear defrost doesn't work and I am not sure how to check the fuse or how to make it work. I have no owners manual because it did not have one when I bought the car. Is there anything or any kind of advice that you can give me to help to correct these problems. I would appreciate any help I could get on these matters. Thank you Christina McVea
I have driven this van hard and it has never broken down on me. However it has some quirks. Like the ac quit working and iv had it recharged. Also the speedometer no longer works. But Ive never been stuck (in the snow or on the side of the road)