1991 Plymouth Voyager Reviews and Owner Comments

1991 Plymouth Voyager owners review and rate their 1991 Plymouth Voyager.

1991 Plymouth Voyager (1 Review)
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After years of selling cars, Driving every thing manufactured for decades I one day was given by my neighbor moving to Sweden his 1991 Plymouth Voyager Van. I have had it for more than 13 years and it has turned out to be the vehicle I plan to never sell and drive the rest of my life. I even invested 3 years ago in to having the original engine completely rebuilt. It rides better than a new Caravan, averages on highway close 25.8, combined driving 22, and city 19.7 on 87 octane. That is with the AC running and my wife along for the ride. No rust and only painted twice. My wife prefers driving this over her Ford Escape and the mileage is better on this than the fully loaded XLT V6