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1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager (4 Reviews)
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The Oregon driver with the 1999 Grand Voyager Espresso 3.3L, now with 268,000 miles. Starting to show some age:

1. Transmission shifts even when I back off the accelerator and "bumps" from 2nd into 3rd. Wish there was a software/firmware upgrade for older transmissions. Original still on van.
2. Rear wing motors out.
3. Ventilation blower works intermittently. Very odd.

But what can I expect? Has far surpassed my expectations and shows no signs to giving out. Amazing.
It takes forever to to warm up in and Iowa winter. Cooling is fine.
i am a mech. best i have owned have a honda 03 i also own. ply. twice the van ply mi. 167000 honda 73000 ply ride and drive 2' 3 times better
The clock ring is bad now I found out that there was a recall. I called dealer and they said yes. They want to look and correct prob.They did a great job. I love my van.Next van will be a Town & Country