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1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager (3 Reviews)
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leak the coolant in front and center of the driver area
I have 2 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyagers, twins and both have over 160,000 miles with relatively no engine problems at all. The higher mileage van has almost 240,000 miles on it and still runs great. I have issues with the a/c units but then they don't last forever do they.
After 13 years I started to have electrical problems with the door locks on the higher mileage van and both of them have front wiper issues. They will come on by themselves, the intermittant functions do not work properly and other "stuff". I had the transmission replaced under warranty at about 60,000 miles and have had 180,000 miles of trouble free service from the replacement. I just changed the filter and fluid on both and they look fine.
I broke a front axle on the lower mileage unit this summer and it cost less than $100 to repair by my "friendly backyard mechanic".
The door gaskets are tearing now but there are no noises yet, the windows seal well with no air or rain leaks. Both back windows operate flawlessly still.
The higher mileage van has some issues with the side doors opening and unlocking that have not been addressed yet.
I have an exhaust leak on the lower mileage van and the catalytic converter has failed on the higher mileage van. I have not repaired either yet so I have no idea of the costs but assume them to be usual.
had for 3 years. rebuilt trans new half shaft also new brakes ,lines ,master cylinder ,battery twice,, starter. electric locks quit working also electric windows just crawl down to close push button anduse other hand to pull up. left tie rod. right turn signal died .when it rains brake lights flash when parked sometimes wippers come on when you start. etc. etc but runs great.....