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1995 Plymouth Grand Voyager (3 Reviews)
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Doris --- My 95 Plymouth Grand Voyager AWD All Wheel Drive now has 105K miles.

Required a new transfer case and rear drive just recently.
Transfer case to drive the rear wheels new from dealer is 2800 bucks
Found one in Maine, shipped to New Orleans. Rear drive shaft found in Ohio and shipped to New Orleans. While waiting for parts, drove around for 2 weeks just using the front wheels.

After repair was able to drive back home to colorado.

Apparently the AWD 95 Grand Voyager is a rare bird and the parts are hard to find.

Doris has been a good van.
Have used it for lots of pulling large evergreen bushes out of the ground using rope rigging connected to two points on the rear beams.
Never has been stuck in the snow. Drives like an Abrams m1a1 tank.

I'll always want to drive an AWD minivan.

Hope i can fix these loose accelerator cables to the throttle.
Happy 2014 to you all.
When this vehicle was purchased used in 2001, the Check Engine light kept coming on and the side door alarm would sound when door was fully closed and locked. The dealership we purchased it from replaced the side door sensor, and said the Check Engine light was just part of the deal - there was nothing wrong with the engine.

After about a year and a half the paint started to bubble and peel. My van is currently rusting out on the roof, and the hood and side panels are starting to show signs of rust. The paint is almost gone on the hood and completely gone on the roof. During the years of driving this vehicle, I have seen many vans with the same paint color (a navy blue) that showed the same condition my van showed.

Now I am experiencing a major leak in my power steering system - having to refill the reservoir every other day because the fluid has leaked out. My air conditioning started leaking super cold fluid at the end of last summer, and now I have NO air conditioner which is not good in Louisiana.

"Big Blue" as I like to call her has approximately 169,000 miles on her. I have replaced the fuel pump (a major pain in the butt) twice, and it is looking like I am getting the same kind of hesitation indicating my fuel pump is not working properly.

All in all she has been a good van, but I am really unhappy with the major problems I am having. Oh, by the way - the Check Engine light still comes on. I've had a Transmission Expert look at it and my engine showed no signs of shavings or excessive wear in the transmission.
lost transmission by not using ATF-3, use mopar when possible...