1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager Reviews and Owner Comments

1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager owners review and rate their 1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager.

1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager (2 Reviews)
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The rear wiper kept blowing a fuse. I took the rear wiper motor apart, found nothing wrong. I then took the gear box apart. To do this I had to grind off the rivets to get the gear box apart. I found it was sticking for lack of grease. Repacked the gear box, drilled holes where the rivets were and put screws in. The rear wiper now works, and does not keep blowing the fuse.
Inherited this van from a family member. It was already on its third transmission when I got it, and now the transmission is not doing well. Engine is fine if not very durable. Seems to be a bad combination.