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1994 Plymouth Acclaim (2 Reviews)
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I bought this car with 30,000 miles on it. Ran fine until the Head gasket blew. Replaced and ran fine until the timing belt broke at 135,000. Replaced and ran fine until 244,000 and the water pump locked up and broke the belt. It never used a quart of oil between changes and always got 20+ mpg. Well, my problems started when I had a well rate shop replace the pump and belt. The mechanic showed me a little oil from the head gasket, and some minor drips from the cam shaft gaskets. I resisted his efforts to add $1500 to the repairs, as $700 was all I wanted to put in it. He told me it would use oil, but the engine never did. I got it back, and went about 25 miles, and got an oil light. I thought he might have not put enoigh in the engine. Adding 4 quarts brought the dipstick up, and I started home. Before I got there, the oil light again, so I added a couple of quarts, and went back to the shop. I was told the he informed me "that it would use oil." I looked under the car, and could see a 1/8" stream of oil coming out. I would like to know which bolt he put in the wrong place, or which one he left out! I had to junk the car for $200, and buy a 1995 Acclaim. I had to put a new water pump in it, and changed the belt, too. It still has the first quart of oil used. Yes I am ticked, but it won't do me any good. Caveat Emptor! He won't get any more work from me or anyone who will listen.
i bought this car because it had mileage of 20071 for a 1994. even though the paint was faded and very minor rust, i bought it anyway because of the low mileage off craigslist. right when i bought it the radiator was spraying coolant so changed that right away. changed thermostat. overall though the engine is strong for a 4 cylinder fuel injection and i don't have problems with it. its a gas efficient car and its nice to find one like i did with a clean interior. keep the interior out of the sun with the sun shade if you care to take care of it. hopefully nothing else goes bad on the car.