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1992 Plymouth Acclaim (3 Reviews)
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front end popping noise don't know if it ball joint are sturt
This car was bought when it had 35m on it, now has 162m on it! It's been a very dependable car. Great on gas mileage. Parts have been hard to find here lately, but I really don't need to replace alot of items.. just added some driving lights under the bumper..really helps. Only real problems has been the AC pump squeaking when turned on and here lately when it gets hot outside, it shuts down on me... trying resolve it now!
Just got back from a road trip. Since filling up, had gone 107 miles. Then the oil light flickers and then the engine sputters on me, then dies. I disconnected the + terminal and then replaced it. Then it started up again, but down the block dies on me... it's garaged now.
I've not run the car too much here lately. Now, when I start it up, the engine races on me. When I go down the road, the car idles at 20 mph..
Over all good vehicle. Lots of power. With good fuel mileage. What more can you ask for? Has a very basic, but comfy and roomy interior. The 3 speed automatic tranny with lock up torque converter is awsome. Very nice power bands throughout all gears and drives effortlessly on the highway.