2002 Oldsmobile Bravada Reviews and Owner Comments

2002 Oldsmobile Bravada owners review and rate their 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada.

2002 Oldsmobile Bravada (9 Reviews)
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Bought new in 2002 very sad GM killed Oldsmobile. I think the Bravada looks better than Trailblazer and Aztek put together this SUV has been good to me. I driven the family to places like New Orleans, Chicago, Indianapolis, Rhode Island and California. The gas mileage isn't too good but is flawless driving this beauty love comfort and smooth luxurious ride gets low maintenance done. Put 223k miles engine and transmission is original only things fixed were radiator, batteries, spark plugs, wheel bearing and CV joints. My Bravada very peppy does well in winter especially in snow still love it 12 years no problems its best SUV I have ever had. I'm reluctant buying another vehicle but just can't part with my Olds a very nice quality SUV no mechanical problems will keep until it dies believe making to 300K miles.
Hard to believe so many people hate the Bravada. I bought mine new in 2002 and have a little over 90000 miles on it. This car has been nearly perfect. The only things replaced outside regular oil changes, batteries and two full tire change outs has been new brakes pads and a headlight relay. Maybe I just lucked out and got one of the better ones but I'd like to think some of the bad ones listed in here are the exception rather than the rule.
hate ,hate,hate my bravado!!!! everytime I fix something, something else goes out. be it airbags,radiator,waterpump, batterys, now it is a/c. we do not like each other. worst vehicle I have ever owned!!!
I've owned my Bravada (2002) for the past six yrs and all i had to replace was the air bags with coil springs from (ARNOTTS) and a Starter. then the normal oil change,tune up,tires,. it was a used vehicle but im BLESSED to have made it this far with my baby i love this car and i wouldn't change it for nothing if i can keep repairing it i'll keep her going. (no more car payments for me LUVIN IT.
Have a 2002 for 2 years now, really like it, works well and although a little hard on gas it has been a very reliable truck
I just got the Oldsmobil Bravda about 3 1/2 months ago that was given thru Money Donation from Animale Lovers to Rose Hope Animal Refuge that is located in Waterbury that needed a new SUV to do all our earands for the Animals we save and now we have a problem with the Suspension and it is very exspenive , it is 2002, and I went back to the Dealer to get help there would not help not at all ,can any Any body help with that and we can not buy another SUV
man, what else can go wrong with this car th side mirrors suck and also i had to fix the transfer case already that was 1,000 bucks and now the differential is broke and i only have 3 yrs. with this car. uuugggg!!!
Mine has 130,000+ on it now. Had to replace the ECM, did it myself in 10 min with a internet rebuild that cost $100. Dealer wanted $650 to do it. Front 4wd senser went out, dealer got $500 for that. Other than that its been tires and fluid changes. The electrical has a quirk or two (side mirrors adjust at random when using keyless entry, and occasionally front AC control won't work correctly) but it's nothing I would pay to fix. Gas mileage isn't super with AWD but it drives great in the snow and heavy rain, saved me from going in a ditch on the highway one time.
Never again will I own another product made by GM!

this car has cost me well into $8000 for repairs and that is AFTER the extended warranty paid for $5000.

GM's brilliant idea to "kit" parts really sticks it to the consumer when it comes to can't just by a simple $5 part to fix an's a $300 encased "part" with a half of dozen things attached to it that have to be replaced all at once...and they wonder why they are going bankrupt.

try building a reliable vehicle!

To name a few of the major problems:
transfer case issues
wiper motor issues
transmission issues

and now some weird clunking happening when I accelerate and stop that actually makes the car shudder...god only knows what is going to fall of this thing now..

don't buy it...even if someone is going to give it to you for free.