1999 Oldsmobile Bravada Reviews and Owner Comments

1999 Oldsmobile Bravada owners review and rate their 1999 Oldsmobile Bravada.

1999 Oldsmobile Bravada (9 Reviews)
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Bought car about 6 months ago with 78000 miles. Southern car with no rust anywhere. Replaced right CV shaft because of small leak. 3rd brake light will not work even though I bought a new one. Pulled a car dolly with small car 2000 miles with no problems
Average gas mileage In Town about 15.
If you get some shuddering while turning...change the transfer case does Wonders!
need advice on replacing my cv drive axles (both) on my 1999 olds bravada or can anyone give me a free price on doing it by others?
after three week security system made starting impossible,fixed that ,,now has a unknown electrical drain new battery is dead every morning absolute worst car ever bought will be parting it out as I couldn't live with myself to sell it to some unsuspecting person
Driver's door glass is out of channel. Having the Devil's own time disassembling inner panel for access. Great car otherwise.
Great vehicle. Bought it new.
don't buy one, you'll regret it
i do
I have owned my 1999 Bravada for a year now. Have had 94 and 97's also. Love the cars. Wish they still made them. Only problem I have found in mine is the heat does not have control other than the fan speed year round. It always puts out alot of heat. Economy is decent at around 16mpg city and up to 24mpg on a long trip.
All wheel drive computer shot (twice) comfort control computer shot ($500) passeneger side wheel hub out (twice). Transmission shot ($2,000). Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, it'seen a fine GM automobile.
Have owned this vehicle for just over a year. Have replaced the mass air flow sensor (very expensive), have replaced the front passenger side hub, Twice, and the all wheel drive blows fuses, mechanic cant even figure that one out. Overall, i like the suv, but the frame is crooked and have spent alot of money on this vehicle. scale of 1-10 i would rate it a 7.