2001 Oldsmobile Aurora Reviews and Owner Comments

2001 Oldsmobile Aurora owners review and rate their 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora.

2001 Oldsmobile Aurora (6 Reviews)
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Hi I have to say this car is going to be the death of me i just want to set the thing on fire. Now i see why they stoped making these cars i been having so many problems with the security light that stops the car from turninon. Ive had the car for 3 years i bought it with 89,0000 miles and in over 3 years ive spent more then 4000 trying to get it to were i dont have any problems but everytime u think everything is all set something brakes down. I have to say i hate this car
I have two is the odometer was working until I installed a used engine.It came back on about three times and now it is inop again.....#2 the power door locks activate while the car sits in the driveway.i have to unhook the battery to reset something.(i assume a door lock mod..?..please help
Dont know whats wrong with this car. All of a sudden it started to act up after 8 years. when i start the car up to warm it up my indash turns off all my guages get stuck where it was at when it started acting up. Happens when im driving to thinking it can be the alternator or some wiring problem. did this happen to anyone els or just me?
ok car i got burnt valve at 132000 miles and it was well maintained code p0302 misfire cylinder 2 low compression 76psi
i bought this car used and i must say it turns heads everywhere.There are not a lot of them on the road,which makes this car truly unique.I have had many road trips and i use half the gas my taurus used which was a much newer model.I have luxury at my fingertips and the car is fun to drive,great sound and features.No major problems just usual maintenance,i love my car.I give the aurora five stars.
just bought this car (2001 3.5L 215hp Shortstar) used. it runs great, feels great. my only issue is what most people on the different forums that i visited were saying about the car "fuel economy in the city". It's no that big of an issue since the girlfriend and I needed it mostly for long distance driving. other than that it's been a good ride so far.