2004 Oldsmobile Alero Reviews and Owner Comments

2004 Oldsmobile Alero owners review and rate their 2004 Oldsmobile Alero.

2004 Oldsmobile Alero (5 Reviews)
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I have been having trouble with my dashlights and radio staying on. I put my brake on and all the dashboard lights and radio goes off. Sounds like to me it's either my ignition switch, or electrical problem.someone plz tell me what you all think.
Believe it or not I bought my Alero 3 years ago at a junk yard. I was told it had an entirely new front end because of a wreck. It looked at the time like a new car. Because I am now retired it hasn't had much wear and tear. I replaced the tires recently. My sons did some break work, replaced the automatic window mechanism on the driver's side and have done regular oil changes, so I haven't had it into the shop. It does have some issues like the air conditioner has always needed checked out and the heater blower only works on one setting. These are problems I have chosen to live with and are fixable. My concern at present is the ignition recall. I expected to have the ignition replaced, however all that was done was to replace my keys and add 2 key rings to my ignition key ring. I was told this was sufficient to make my car safe. It is confusing as the replacement keys aren't any lighter than the originals. I am also concerned about whether or not my car is equipped with the Takata airbags that are causing severe problems. I have not received information regarding this problem and have not received a recall. All in all my Alero is comfortable to drive and gets approximately 33 miles per gallon.
Good afternoon, my name is Leticia Anaya I'm from Leominster MA. I have a car Oldsmobile Alero 2004 since that year. It was used at the time I purcharse it. I began to have problem since them with the heating system I took it be seen they don't see the problem. In the summer when the wheather is hot, the car over heat. I checked and change the themot. the problem appear the same. Now, I have been problem with the hazard turn signal flasher, and the signal lights. I had to change the gas tank and the breaks I have to be changing it every often. I love my car I don't want to change, but I will like to have some support from your company of Oldmobile replace all this defect that my car has. Is a good car for summer and for winter only this few things needs to be fix in order for my car can in better shape. I'm hopping that you can be able to assist me with these issues. Thank you.
Leticia Anaya.
I love this car! It is my very first car I have ever had. I am the 2nd owner to it. Besides normal wear n tear, I have had to replace a water pump, thermostat housing (twice, they should make this a metal part.) Alternator, Horn, And now I am working on the fuel pump. I got the car at 78,000 miles. Now it's at 186K. I have had her for 6 years. I have done all the work to this car myself, I don't trust shops.
I did notice these cars do have a issue with the "Trac Off" "ABS" lights, Which is highly annoying when those are the ONLY dummy lights that are coming on. They also have a problem with the windows coming out of the brackets.
They are great cars, ONLY if you take CARE of it, like any car. I even delivered pizza for almost 2 years in this car. Just change oil, do tune ups, brakes, etc...all the normal stuff in a timely manner and you shouldn't have to many "big money" problems.
Treat your car with respect, and she will take you where ever you want to go. I love my Alero!! I will most likely get another in the future. But I really want to keep the one I got, I love it that much! I can't let this car go! They say "Drive it till the wheels fall off" And I say back to that "Put new wheels on and keep on rolling!" They are very durable cars!!
After 65,000 miles (2nd owner), had to replace front brake pads & rotors, throttle body, fuel filter; have injectors cleaned; and cooling system flushed. Only slight problem remaining is airbag cover on passenger side is starting to separate from dash. Also, I've had seal around windshield come off, but nothing some epoxy can't fix. Overall though, the car has held up extremely well.