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1999 Oldsmobile Alero (2 Reviews)
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Inside is very cheap and everything breaks easy if you try to fools with it too much. I.E. the ac vents and when trying to replace the factory radio. Brakes are comfortable for me. Not too touchy, still stops on a dime. Google "Fix Passlock II (Passlock 2) system." Easy fix for your security light problem. Engine over heats a lot. You CANNOT buy cheap replacement anything for this car. Its got to be the most expensive part option all the time. Overall car is very fun. Can run forever if you keep up with the typical maintenance and don't go cheap any where. Once this car starts dying its hard to bring it back. If you have an oil leak. Check your valve covers. Uses silicon to seal. Not gaskets.
This car has been great! I bought it with 27,000 and now have 132,000. I did just have the head gaskets replaced. It was $940. Last year I had to replace the CV joints. I think they were around $450. Those have been the two largest expenses I've had so far. Some smaller things I've had to do are replace both rear window motors ($90 for both off ebay) and the rear passenger caliber bracket ($90 for everything from Advanced Auto Parts). I didn't know you were suppose to grease those pins when you change the brakes yourself! Oops. I know now.