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1992 Oldsmobile 88 (2 Reviews)
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ok hears what's going on the transmission in the car will drop out of gear going down the road I have to pull over put the car in park and shut the car off and wait about a minute of two minutes then start the car and it will go back in gear then I can make it about a 1/2 mile sown the road before it does it again. I've talk to mechanics and they've said it sound like a sensor in the transmission of it might just need the filter change. Anyone have an idea of what it might be?
I was given this car last year, 92 olds royal 88 ls. Beautiful car 158 thous original miles, problem is it hasn't been driven in 4.5 yrs. Change the lower intake manifold gasket, and used gasket maker for the upper aluminum plenum. Car starts and runs fine till hot then get an information system message or two sometimes - fuel sending problem, low oil pressure problem - on very low idle, also engine starts run rough and sputter. Everything else works fine. What to do next? Any comments?