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2006 Nissan Xterra (7 Reviews)
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I have a 2006 Xterra and feel it is the best vehicle I have every owned. Yet I've had some of same problems others have had, all after the warranty expired. After 114,000 miles I experienced what was originally diagnosed as a misfire in the #1 cylinder. While driving on a freeway the engine began running roughly. Talking with my regular, non-dealer mechanic he thought it might be a misfiring. After a 30 minute rest stop I had several recurrences hundreds of miles later. Two days later and 1,000 miles from home the problem got more serious. I had O'Reilly's do a diagnostic, with same results, so replaced the appropriate parts. ($100+). Next day, same problem.
I took it to the Tacoma, WA dealer, whose diagnoses said the same thing. Knowing I had just replaced the parts they switched #1 and #2 parts and the problem stopped. Two miles out from the dealer it started again; this time with considerable loss of power.
Second dealer diagnoses indicated a failed catalytic converter. Replacing the converter and the section on the header side of the system fixed the problem, at a dealer shop cost of $2,300+. I did look at the removed converter and it looked like it was stuffed with a lot of broken pieces of Styrofoam a few inches in size down to single granules.
If your Xterra engine starts sounding like all the valves decided to start rattling at the same time and you have a considerable loss of power; shut it off, get it towed to a reliable mechanic. Delaying it from that stage could cause serious cylinder damage.
I bought my Xterra used in August of 2007, and have put a little over 100,000 miles in the past four years of ownership. I've made a few power-increasing modifications, and my rig can get up and go quite well. I've beat quite a few cars down the road that I never should have given what I'm driving.

I wouldn't trade my X for any other SUV out there...except maybe another one. It might be the X trim package, the base model(2wd, manual transmission, manual locks and windows) but I love that about it. In reading some of the other "stories," I haven't experienced any of the fuel sensor issues or cold weather complaints that anyone else has. My Xterra keeps plugging along as it should. The only thing I've replaced is the serpentine belt and the brakes. Next, is the secondary time chains and tensioners, which is an issue that everyone with Nissan's 4.0 V6 has. $1,200 for that repair, though. Despite that, and the annoying noise it makes, I love my rig and wouldn't give it up. I've converted many of my friends to being Xterra fans, and I'm a lifelong Xterra man now.
2006 Nissan Xterra Off-Road 75K, On-Road and Off-Road usage.
Pros: Great Engine, excellent layout for large dogs, great Off-Road manners, very room inside as compared to FJ Cruiser, super visibility for driver position (no blind-spots)
Cons: Fuel Sensor issues @ 60K, cheap mud-flaps(one plastic screw), expensive front hub assembly part (@72K, $500.00), A/C does not shutoff when switched off, Bilstein shocks started leaking @40K
Wishes: All-Wheel drive at all speeds (4WD limited to 57 mph and is part-time) [better system for drifting snow and ice]

Would recommend this vehicle for mixed road usages.
I wasn't a big fan of my Xterra when I first bought it in Dec 2006, i got it because of all the SUVs I looked at it was the most economical one for my large dogs (completely flat back when seats are down and made of plastic, easy clean up). Over the last 3+ years I have had it I have grown to love it. I have taken MANY cross country trips with it and put almost 60k miles on it in the time I have had it. I've never had a brake down, get pretty good gas milage for an SUV, has a great start off speed, does well pulling, lots of storage compartments, amazed at what I can pack into it, lots of space in the front seat area (dont' feel claustrophobic), just an all around good SUV for my needs. My only CONS on the SUV are the road noise and its not the MOST comfortable vehicle for long distance but a cushion behind my back changes all that. Love my NISSAN!!!
I have had my xterra for almost 4 years now and have never had a break down, however do have a couple of complaints. The Heat will not warm up until the car is in gear so even the coldest of mornings it really does me no good to "warm" the car up. We also have a 2005 Xterra and BOTH vehicles had the Fuel Sensor go out around 60K. The vehicle is also not comfortable for long rides. With all of that being said I still appreciate the fact that Nissan makes a reliable, sturdy SUV.
Overall I am very happy with the 06 Xterra. I have the Off Road package and I have taken it trail riding on several occasions and it has always performed well. The second generation Xterra addressed many of the shortcomings seen in the first generation model.

PROS: Engine (great power & torque), Dana Locker, Skids, Undercarriage Layout, adequate ground clearance, cargo room.

CONS: Soft Suspension (even with Bilstien Shocks), Annoying VDC, and the fact that this vehicle absolutely hates cold weather. I live in North Dakota and during the winter the Xterra struggles. If the temperature is below 0 expect the following: The rear hatch will not stay up or even close properly. The clutch will stay depressed even after you remove your foot. The vehicle will not easily enter first gear or reverse until it reaches normal operating temperature. Finally, if you try to drive with gloves on, you will flip on the wipers and lights every time you turn because the controls are too close to the steering wheel.
Car has been great since we purchased that car. Strange gurgling noise when the A/C is on during the summer, but not very noticable.